Saturday, November 13, 2010

Radio Silence

Ironically, just a few days after I wrote a lengthy post about the importance of hardware to your PvP, my computer decided to die.  It's in the shop being fixed (or at least to be given a time of death) right now, the general consensus seems to be a fried hard drive.  Which basically means a new computer for me.

This isn't necessarily a bad thing.  I've been running WoW on a fairly small laptop, so if I invest in a newer, better computer my performance should go way up.  This is, however, a lot of money to have to drop, so needless to say I'm not thrilled about my predicament.

Basically, I've just managed to grab a public computer to post this, and I'm just checking in, to make sure that everything is still in one piece in the blog-o-sphere.  What me having no computer essentially means for you, my readers, is that I will be more or less unable to post until the situation is resolved.

So I'm asking you to please put up with a little bit of radio silence over the next little while.  I'm going to be largely absent without a computer, but once I get back, I assure you all, I will make it known.

Looks like this has been a month of new hardware all around for me.  Let's hope that doesn't happen again for a long while.

Until next time!

Practice safe Death,



  1. I don't think the blogosphere's exploded.

    See you back soon :)

  2. Indeed! It looks like everyone survived a couple weeks without me. What a relief :). And thanks! It's great to be back... time to get posting again.