Friday, November 19, 2010

Onike's Triumphant Return

I'm back.  Yes, you can all cheer wild praises of joy at the prospect.  It's been an interesting week and a half - I never realized how dependant I was on having regular access to a computer until I was without one.  My laptop has officially bit the bullet, and it was replaced with a shiny new i5 acer aspire desktop which I got on sale, along with a beautiful 24" monitor which I also got on sale.  Very exciting stuff.  I'm still not really sure what to do with all that screen space.

I am currently remembering why I hate switching computers - a full install of WoW takes forever.  I'm about halfway after leaving my computer on all night.  It's very upsetting.  So I haven't been able to actually hop into the game for a proper look around at the game, or a chance to really mess around with any new DK specs, etc. etc., YET.  That stuff will be coming as soon as I get everything up to speed.

Since I'm sort of unable to blog about anything directly related with the live version of the game (and since I never got into the beta), I'm going to talk about something else, which just happens to be the only piece of DK news that I became aware of on my forced break from the game.

Tier 11.


That is seriously probably some of the coolest armor I've ever seen in WoW.  I'm SERIOUSLY stoked about this new set.  Like to the point that I'm almost certainly going to raid in Cataclysm, if ONLY to pick up tier 11.  I still maintain that our Season 9 set looks okay, but tier 11 is just so much more awesome.

But looking at the amount of effort that has clearly gone into our newest raid set, I have to question just how it can look so amazingly detailed, while our PvP set seems like an afterthought.  Not to say I'm not stoked for our Season 9 gear, because it looks AWESOME.  It's better than any other PvP set we've had through Wrath, in my opinion.  But look at that raid set.

Now I know that the vast majority of players raid.  It's probably the biggest chunk of the endgame for a lot of people.  And even people that don't consider themselves 'raiders' probably consider PvE to be their main source of killing stuff.  The percentage of the player base that PvPs and doesn't raid on top of that is comparatively small.  But I'd really like to see Blizzard put the time and effort that they put into their raids and their raid sets into PvP, and our gear.

I'm not the first player to complain about this, I'm sure.  And forgive me if you think I'm being deliberately inflammatory by blogging about something like this while I can't talk about much else.  But it's been bugging me for a while, and I felt the need to rant about it.

/rant off

Death Knights are looking better than ever moving into Cataclysm.  With more stable spec designs, a whole whack of epic looking armor on both sides of the divide, and a probably a whole lot more awesome to come with December 7th, everyone in the class right now, whether they kill bosses or players, has something to be seriously pumped about.

That's going to do it for me for now.  I can't wait to be back in the thick of it soon!  Look for some more DK-oriented posts coming up early next week.  Then after that... it's pretty much the release of Cataclysm!

Very exciting time all around,

Practice safe Death!



  1. Welcome back :)

    Interested to hear your thoughts on the tier sets. I don't like the look of them much - at least over all the classes they look quite similar in colour palette and design. But as an individual class set, it's sure different.

    Could you post a link or picture of the season 9 set bwt? I've not seen it yet :)

  2. Thanks, good to be back.

    In terms of the tier sets, I think that they do all have a similar feel to them. The colour palettes are similar, I *think* because they will reflect difficulty of the raid in which they were acquired, and the quality of the gear (ie. heroic is a different colour than normal). That's not confirmed, but it's my assumption.

    I think that the sets have the same feel because Blizzard wants to transition them from the feel we're familiar with through Wrath. I hope that each tier into Cataclysm will look different, but have a similar feel to it throughout the classes. That, at least, would be a good way of doing it. If they all start to look the same throughout the expansion though... I'm not going to be thrilled.

    And the link to my post on the season 9 set: