About Onike

Who is Onike?

You might know him as Theloral, or Flairn (his in-game characters).  But, besides a dastardly handsome corpse, and a menace on the battlefield, Onike is a WoW PvPer just like any other.  With one key difference.

I play a Death Knight.

I'm not sure why this is such an original concept, but I've been totally unable to locate a single other PvP-oriented DK blog.  At least at the time of writing this About Me page, the concept is as alien as it is original.  Which is exciting in a whole bunch of ways.

Why?  Because I'm writing something that nobody else writes about.  Now, I'm sure I'm committing a horrible foul here and IF you read this blog and write about DK PvP, please, please, please, do inform me of my mistake.  I'd love for there to be another one.  It would give me someone to bounce some ideas off of.

For the time being though, I seem to be happily occupying my own little corner of the blog-o-sphere, and I'm going to take this page to explain a little bit about myself, and about the purpose of this blog.

I've been playing WoW for a little more than a couple years (since the very end of TBC, although I never hit max level when it was 70), but it's been a largely on and off affair.  I only seriously began playing WoW in April 2009, where I rolled a druid on The Venture Co. US, which I'd heard was a great venue for RP (something that interested me) and PvP (which I'd already learnt to love in my limited WoW experience).  Specifically, VeCo. was and still is famous for a certain kind PvP.  World PvP.

Dead on many other servers, I *grew up* in the sense of my WoW career learning things most players never even consider.  World PvP.  And this brought with it something else, which keeps WPvP a unique and extremely fun niche of WoW.  Military-style tactics.  See, in World PvP, you're not going after a single well-designed, balanced objective, in an instanced Battleground.  You're going after territories in the game world.  There is no player cap, no balancing act, and often very few rules (beyond a bit of archaic honor between enemies, that many guilds on both sides of the faction divide respected).  So, I was raised on my wee druid, and eventually on my DK (which I rolled as soon as my druid hit 55, and although I've played my druid pretty extensively, these days Theloral my Death Knight is very much my main) with a pretty solid understanding of tactics.

This of course developed into my fascination with PvP.  I've sunk my teeth in WG, BGs and even arenas (although never been especially successful at the later), throughout Wrath.  The result is not some kind of PvP monster, in fact I have an embarrassing habit of losing most duels I play (embarrassing in that I'm my guild's PvP officer... which means in theory I should be good at dueling).  The result is that I'm what I like to consider a tactician.  I'm all about tactics, and finding new ways to do things.  Which is why, here on the precipice of the next expansion (1 month to the day), one thing excites me more than any other.

Rated Battlegrounds.

Of course, I'm going to be talking about a whole bunch of other stuff with Cataclysm going live, and the start of Season 9, but expect there to be a whole lot of battleground-related discussion and theory crafting.  So, if you're interested in PvP, or curious about how DKs engage in said activity, stick around, grab a cup of ale, and enjoy.

And hey, I might actually manage to teach you something.